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Functional Medicine in Dubuque

Whole Body Healing

If you’re experiencing health problems and you’re looking for natural ways to get better, Dr. Intriligator is eager to help. Some of us just process things differently and most of us need supplemental nutrition. Nutrition is important and even essential because it provides the building blocks used by our body’s innate balance and healing systems.

Functional Medicine in DubuqueWithout proper levels of these building blocks,” innate” starts to break down. Dysfunction and disease follow. There’s a lot that can be done to fill the gaps in your body’s nutritional status through diet and therapeutic nutrition. Unlike drugs, many herbs have curative properties that can be used to make big changes. Through proper nutrition, herbs and a healthier lifestyle, she is here to help you enhance your health.

By taking a closer look at your health, we’ll help you make changes to your life so you can discover optimal wellness. After consulting with you about your health goals and challenges, Dr. Intriligator may do some tests here in the office. If necessary, she may recommend and order some lab testing. She’ll teach you about positive changes you can make.


Through a convenient online store, you can purchase many of your herbs and nutritional supplements online and have them shipped to your front door!

Five Pillars of Health

In addition to addressing your health through chiropractic and functional medicine, we also offer a health coaching system for patients like you called the 5 Pillars of Health. We’ll help you learn new health habits that can increase your vitality, longevity and resilience.

  1. Spinal and Postural Correction
  2. Diet
  3. Finding Sustainable Exercise
  4. Emotional and Stress Outlets
  5. Detoxifying Your Life

To learn more about how Intriligator Biophysics for Health can help you heal and live an incredible life, call today! (563) 556-0017

Optimal Wellness for Dubuque with Functional Medicine