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Dr. Lisa Intriligator

An Early Healing Crisis

Dubuque chiropractor Dr. Lisa Intriligator

Dr. Lisa Intriligator

Dr. Intriligator went to undergraduate school at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. Determined to get the most out of her college experience, she was active in many aspects of college life from running the Women’s Network, to having a radio show, to participating in an academic honors program.

Unfortunately, long hours of activity and study took it’s toll on her health.  Shortly after graduation in 1989, Dr. Intriligator became ill with Chronic Fatigue Dysfunction Syndrome. Exhausted and severely immune compromised, she spent several months bedridden. After finding a chiropractor who understood about whole body health and innate healing through chiropractic and nutrition, she was able to heal and recover.

“I went to my first chiropractic visit unsure of what a chiropractor could do to help me when the medical community had been unable to. But within weeks I was feeling and healing better. It was a long climb out of that illness, but within several years I was almost completely recovered. I had my life back again. Unfortunately for many who do not find chiropractic, Chronic Fatigue can be a lifelong disability.”

Going through a natural healing experience like she did sparked a desire to learn more about the body’s incredible capacity for self-healing and self-correction. She enrolled at Northwestern College of Chiropractic and never looked back. “I was amazed, as I still am today, by the incredible miracle that is the innate healing capacity of the body. When we give our bodies the nutrition and rest it needs and remove interference from the nervous system there is no limit to how well and vital we can become!”

The Crossroads of Life…Now!

Practicing since 1999, Dr. Intriligator enjoys working with people who are ready to make changes in their lives. People are living a lot longer than ever before and chiropractic care can help enhance your years.

“I love helping people who are at a crossroads and are really tired of what they are going through, who are ready to make a change. Those people are at a great place to see their lives make a quantum improvement—to move toward a more healthy and vital life for now and into the future.” To experience this kind of health and vitality, start now.

Embracing the Outdoors

Dr. Intriligator enjoys taking advantage of the great hiking trails we have here in Dubuque. When not busy with her practice, you may often find her hiking or skiing with her husband William (Conductor of the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra) and their four boys. She also enjoys gardening and supporting the arts in the community!

Ready to see how Dr. Intriligator can help enhance your life?

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