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Intriligator Biophysics for Health Reviews

Here’s what our clients are saying…

My Outcome and Success is the Main Goal

I thought the chronic neck stiffness and discomfort I had for years was a consequence of aging and was ready to accept this until I ran across an article written by Dr Intrilligator about corrective chriropractic care. I called to schedule an appointment and get more information. She explained how chronic pain can actually be alleviated for good. She evaluated my condition and designed a treatment plan. It was a commitment, but I thought worth trying. After my treatment was completed I was happy to find most days I am free of that discomfort. I am thankful for Dr Intrilligators knowledge and her commitment to her clients health and wellness. I feel like she has put my outcome and success as the main goal.

Deb K.

Feeling Great!

I came to Intriligator Biophysics for Health a year ago. I thought if Dr. Intriligator could improve my neck and spine alignment then I was for it. And now I’m feeling great I used to have to be very careful about how I bend over or get out of the car. It’s not even an issue anymore. I no longer worry about hurting my back or shoulders when I go to Jazzercise. I don’t even worry about how I get in and out of my car anymore.

Kris B. from Dubuque

Very Professional

Dr. Intrillagator is very professional, knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her services to others.

Lois N.

Helped Neck Pain

Neck pain – pain the level of fingers slammed in a car door. My medical doctor …suggested physical therapy. I did that. It helped a little but not enough. Did I have a pinched nerve? No one could figure out what was causing my pain.

The neurologist at Franciscan Health/Mayo in La Crosse suggested I go to the Pain Clinic at Mayo Clinic – Rochester …[they] prescribed Nortriptyline. That calmed my pain down to a reasonable and livable level.

I had been taking Nortriptyline for 12 years when Dr. Lisa came to La Crosse. She said she could help me. I trusted her. She worked out a treatment plan for me. It would take a lot of work and dedication for both of us. At first I would be adjusted three times a week; after a period of time, twice a week, and finally, once a week. I was doing very well.

I am now off Nortriptyline and free of pain. I have my life back. Doctor Lisa is a very dedicated chiropractor. She is very thorough, caring, and very knowledgeable. I can’t think of a better investment one can make than chiropractic care…

La Crosse WI
December 31, 2014

Adjustment Ranked Above The Rest

Out of the dozens of chiropractors I’ve seen, Dr. Intriligator’s adjustments rank far above the rest. They are exactly what my body needs! Exceedingly grateful!

Max Kane

Approaches The Whole Body

Dr. Lisa Hawklove Intriligator has been my Chiropractor for 4 years – my spine has never felt better than it does now.  She doesn’t just move my bones, she works miracles on my muscle groups, too.  As a yoga teacher and dedicated athlete, I appreciate how all my old aches and pains are gone.  She systematically approaches the whole body and guides you to a long-term sustainable improvement.  Truly, she is the best body worker I have ever encountered!

Kathy O’ Rourke