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What to Expect

Welcome to Intriligator Biophysics for Health!

Intriligator Biophysics for Health

Welcome to our office!

We make things easy by offering online paperwork so you can save time on your first visit. Our cozy, open-adjusting environment is very welcoming and tailored to enhancing your experience through the support and community of others who are committed to healing. Your first visit however, and any subsequent conversation about treatment, will always take place in our private exam and report room.

Your First Visit

This visit will include a detailed health history and accident history, if applicable. After you discuss your health goals with Dr. Intriligator, she may ask you to fill out a metabolic questionnaire as well which you can bring with you on your second visit. Dr. Intriligator will then perform a thorough chiropractic examination and take X-rays.

Your Second Visit

On this visit, we’ll review the results of your examination and go over our report of findings. You’ll also receive your first adjustment.

Your Third Visit

On your third visit, we’ll give you recommendations for care, including expected costs, frequency of visits and more. We’ll also suggest in-office and at-home rehabilitation including traction exercise, mirror image exercises and stretching to enhance the stability of your spine and facilitate healing.

Ready to get started? Give Intriligator Biophysics for Health a call to get started! (563) 556-0017